Rat Tail Cactus


Aporocactus flagelliformis 'Rat Tail Cactus'

The Aporocactus flagelliformis, or rat’s tail cactus, is a showy cactus native to southwestern Mexico and parts of Central America. It is distinctive for its long, trailing stems, which grow to about four feet at maturity and give the plant its nickname. Rat’s tail cactus flowers in spring and early summer and its blooms are usually violet-red; however, the plant will sometimes grow flowers in idiosyncratic colors like pink and orange. Its flowers are tubular and fairly large, about two inches wide. Though it produces quite a few flowers during its bloom in the late spring, each flower only lives for a couple of days at most.


  • Light : Bright, direct sunlight year-round will help it thrive.
  • Water : Water regularly during the growing season. Its water can be scaled back during the fall and winter, though.
  • Plant Tip :Use liquid  fertilizer diluted to about half strength about once every two weeks during the growing season in spring and summer.

 Size : 7 x 8”

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