Notocactus scopa var. albispinus


Notocactus scopa var. albispinus 

Parodia is a genus of cactus that range from small globose plants to 1 m tall columnar plants. They are deeply ribbed and spiny, with single flowers. Some species produce offsets at the base. They are popular in cultivation, but must be grown indoors where temperatures fall below 10 °C.


  • Light : Full sun
  • Water : Water only when soil is dry to touch. Increase water during active growth period If your container does not have drainage holes make sure not to overwater. 
  • Plant Tip : It is perennial stem succulent branching from the base. This variety ends up forming very big clumps when age.

2 Sizes Available : 12 x 5½” ,  L :16 x 6”

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