Bunny Ears Cactus


Opuntia microdasys - albata 'Bunny Ears'

The Opuntia Microdasys ‘Bunny Ears’ is a cactus that is native and endemic to central and northern Mexico. Other common names include ‘Angel’s Wings’, ‘Bunny Cactus’ and ‘Polka-Dot Cactus’. These cacti grow thick, segmented, succulent pads that are covered with glochids or short, bristly hairs. These glochids come off easily from the pads and can be easily blown away by the wind. These pads grow in pairs, giving them the appearance of bunny ears. Don’t be fooled by the cute name and appearance. These plants are not as cuddly as they seem. Take care not to prick yourself with the spines that are easily dislodged from the pads of this plant.  

Care instruction

  • Light : Full Sun.
  • Water : Water only when soil is dry to touch. Increase water during active growth period If your container does not have drainage holes make sure not to overwater. 
  • Plant Tip : Withhold water from the plant for about four weeks in January or February to encourage new growth in the warmer seasons.

Size : 7 x 9”

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