Parodia Cactus


Parodia formosa

The Parodia genus includes a multitude of showy and easy-to-grow small ball cactus. After a reorganization of the genus, the Parodia genus now includes plants that were formerly known as notocactus, eriocactus, and brasilicactus. Parodia is native to central South America, where they enjoy somewhat more moisture than most people associate with cacti. They are also not full-sun plants, but especially during the summer months of strong sun, they appreciate some daytime shade. Older plants will frequently produce flowers in yellow, red, orange, or pink, depending on the species. Overall, these are easy and excellent beginning cactus.


  • Light : They can take direct sunlight in the morning and afternoons.  It should be in the partial shade through the hottest hours.
  • Water : Water only when soil is dry to touch. Increase water during active growth period If your container does not have drainage holes make sure not to overwater. 
  • Plant Tip : Parodia cacti can be propagated easily from offsets, which readily form in clusters around the base of the mother plant.

Size : 5.5 x 4”

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