Hoya Krinkle


Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle'

The “Hindu Rope Plant” known also as Hoya carnosa “Krinkle Kurl” is a most interesting hanging plant. The rope Hoya features distinct, curling foliage setting it apart from the plant from which it came. While the “Krinkle Kurl” retained the waxy trait, the curled leaves are tightly packed and resemble rope. The unique look gives this plant its common name of the “Hindu Indian Rope Plant.” These plants are native to Australia and Eastern Asia and are part of the Apocynaceae family. Commonly called the dogbane family, these plants often have milky latex sap or waxy leaves. If you plan to place one of these delightful plants in your home, follow these Hindu rope plant care suggestions.


  • Light :Near a bright east or south facing window is good.three to four hours of bright light needed near a window.
  • Water : Allow the surface of the potting soil to dry out between watering. Do not allow “rope curls” to sit in water.
  • Plant Tip : In the winter, it can be kept a little dry. In fact, you should avoid overwatering and overfeeding in the winter.

Size : 14 x 9”

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